Inauguration of the Faculty Dean and Postgraduate Director of Medan University Area 2019/2021 Period

The inauguration of the Dean of the Faculty and Postgraduate Director of the University of Medan Area was attended by the Chairman of the Hajj Education Foundation Agus Salim Drs. M. Erwin Siregar, MBA. YPHAS Secretary Dr. M. Akbar Siregar M.Si, Rector of the University of Medan Area Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc, the vice-chancellors, the deans to be appointed and the Bureaus, Institutions and Units who participated were present at the inauguration.

The Chancellor of the Medan Area University in his remarks said congratulations on the inauguration of the faculty dean and the postgraduate director at the selected Medan Area University were able to carry out the mandate of making the UMA campus better, both were known that at Medan Area University there were many study programs that had received accreditation A. It is expected that later in office there will be at least 1 study program that is accredited with A (Superior) and has many national and international achievements.

Hopefully the mandate given by Medan Area University is able to handle both student and lecturer problems, and must make new policies in the coming year period.

“I hope that the deans and faculty units to solve a problem no longer reach the Chancellor, student problems should be handled at the Faculty if there is no solution, consultation with the vice-chancellors will be assisted,” said the UMA Rector.

As we have heard, the University of Medan Area’s vision and mission is to produce graduates who are innovative, personal and independent, besides wanting to be an excellent university in the field of science and technology education by 2025.

Head of the Hajj Education Foundation Agus Salim Drs. M. Erwin Siregar, MBA said that UMA Human Resources must Have Achievements, not the ordinary ones who are only busy with routine work and that … they must be creative, innovative and excelent, ‘said the Chair of YPHAS.

“I expect the leadership of the Faculty to provide motivation and guidance to lecturers in the UMA environment who have the creativity and spirit of a work ethic so that they can be open to achievement, or discuss the pack of chancellors and to me,” said the Chairman of YPHAS.

How to become a force and become the speed of light (Flash Light) so that the first can be achieved keep the friendship not between us fighting each other if between us there is a problem that does not need to be taken care of believe Rezeki is revoked, blessings are revoked in all aspects and profits are revoked and there are hadiths that are poured in several letters because people who are hostile to each other are kept away from blessings, and also continue to seek to always come to the mosque to follow the activities of recitation, dhikr, etc. at the Taqwa Mosque, Medan Area University, “continued the Chair of YPHAS .

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