UMA Wins Rank 25 at the national level and Rank 472 at the International level at UI Greenmetric World University Ranking 2018

Thank God, University of Medan Area (UMA) Achieved GreenMetric ranking at national level 25 and International ranking 472. Medan Area University & nbsp; is the only PTS that gets Greenmetric Ranking.

University of Medan Area (UMA) has a high commitment in managing the campus environment to become an environmentally friendly campus. Medan Area University is the only PTS in North Sumatra that has a conservation forest. Besides that, UMA has obtained the Bestari campus certificate and the UI GreenMetric certificate, this shows that UMA has a high awareness in environmental management.

To realize the step as a green campus, and also as a pilot environmentally friendly campus UMA has implemented a variety of concrete actions. One of them makes energy savings in the form of replacing electric lights with LED lights.

UI GreenMetric is a program that assesses the University based on the University’s commitment and actions towards greening and environmental sustainability.

The indications for the UI GreenMetric assessment are:

  1. Land and Infrastructure Arrangements, information on land and University infrastructure arrangements will provide basic information regarding the University’s consideration towards a green environment
  2. Energy and Climate Change, the University’s attention to the problem of energy use and climate change are indicators that are given a high percentage.
  3. Waste, waste management and recycling activities have a big factor in a green environment.
  4. Water, an indicator of water use at the University, aims to enable the University to reduce water use, add water conservation programs, and others.
  5. Transportation, transportation indicators assess the University’s regulations relating to transportation, such as restrictions on motor vehicles, the use of buses and bicycles at the University to encourage a healthier environment.
  6. Education, this indicator is more focused on the various efforts of the University in creating a new generation that is more concerned about environmental sustainability.

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