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The Medan Area University Agribusiness Masters was trusted as one of the 2020 LPDP Scholarship Domestic Destination Universities by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Medan Area University is the only private tertiary institution in Medan selected to organize LPDP scholarships in the Agribusiness Masters Program.

LPDP Scholarship

The LPDP is committed to preparing future leaders and professionals and encouraging innovation for the creation of a prosperous, democratic and just Indonesia. LPDP organizes a master / doctoral scholarship program for the best Indonesian sons and daughters, commercial / implementative research funding to encourage innovation, and rehabilitation of educational facilities damaged by natural disasters.

The Education Fund Management Institution directs all of its efforts to produce future leaders who are spread across various fields. The management of the education endowment fund aims to ensure the sustainability of educational programs for future generations as an intergenerational accountability. In addition, the LPDP also aims to anticipate the need for rehabilitation of education damaged by the disaster.

LPDP focuses on developing the quality of human resources in various fields that support the acceleration of Indonesia’s development. Some of the priorities that become the focus of the LPDP include; engineering, science, agriculture, law, economics, finance, medicine, religion, and socio-culture.

What is the Educator Scholarship scheme like?

One degree master (single degree) for Permanent Teachers with a maximum study duration of 24 (twenty four) months.
One doctorate degree (single degree) for Permanent Lecturers with a maximum study duration of 36 (thirty six) months, and can be extended for two semesters based on evaluation.
BPI Educator registrants must already have an Unconditional LoA from the destination university in the LPDP list.
BPI Educators applicants can only choose one university and study program according to the LPDP Unconditional LoA. uploaded on the registration application.
BPI Educators have not started their studies and are only allowed to start their studies in 2021.
BPI Educators who already have an Unconditional LoA with a study start time in 2020, must postpone their studies and start their studies in 2021 and attach a certificate of delaying starting their study from the destination university uploaded together with the Unconditional LoA.

Complete information on the registration for Master Educators’ Scholarships can be seen here

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