Community Service Agribusiness Masters Study Program

Agribusiness Masters Study Program Medan Area University Postgraduate Program (PPS UMA) conducted Community Service in Kuta Rakyat Village, Naman Teran District, Karo District, North Sumatra Province, 12-13 January 2019. The event was attended by Semester III students (three) Programs Agribusiness Masters Study as many as 23 people and several accompanying lecturers.

The community service activities were accompanied directly by Dr. Ir. Siti Mardiana, M.Sc as the Vice Chancellor of Bid. Academic, Prof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astusi K., MS as Director of PPS UMA, Prof. Dr. Ir. Yusniar Lubis, M.MA as Chair of the Agrbusiness Masters Study Program, Dr. Ir. E. Harso Kardhinata, M.Sc as the Secretary of the Study Program, as well as the lecturer of the Agribusiness Masters Study Program Dr. Ir. Erwin, M.S and Ir. Azwana, MP.

This community service activity is an activity that is carried out once a year to support the Tri Dharma of Higher Education activities, said Prof. Dr. Ir. Yusniar Lubis, M.MA, in his remarks required students who were in the preparation of the final project to be required to participate in this activity. While the Director of PPS UMA Prof. Dr. Ir. Retna Astuti K., MS said that she continues to be committed to supporting activities that are supportive in improving the quality of Higher Education Tri Dharma activities. He hopes that community service activities will continue from year to year and become an example for the Study Program at UPS PPS.

This community service activity is located in Karo Regency, precisely in Naman Teran Subdistrict, Kuta Rakyat Village with the theme “Control of Plant Pests and Balanced Fertilization for Increasing Environmentally Friendly Production”. by students and lecturers of the Agribusiness Masters Study Program. The activity was interesting and followed by dialogue questions from residents who were very enthusiastic about this activity.

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